Med Eko Servis Ltd.

Our vision

In the future MED EKO SERVIS Ltd. will focus on delivering quality and reliable utility services, focusing on continuous improvement and investment in the municipal technical, technological and human resources. The company will foster the principles of economic sustainability and service accessibility, continuous quality improvement, environmental protection and continuous professional development of all staff members. Our work will be oriented towards increasing customer satisfaction and improving municipal solid waste management in the Municipality of Medulin through public service improvement, landscape and lawn maintenance, street cleaning, keeping neighbourhoods and the cemetery clean and well maintained, and also through green infrastructure development and planning that protects our natural architecture and heritage and traditional Mediterranean landscape and by expanding our operations to other utility services in compliance with the principles of efficiency, rational use of resources and serviceability, all in order to ensure that our provision of services makes our local community a lovely and healthy place to live.

Our policy

In implementing the core policy of its majority owner and founder, MED EKO SERVIS Ltd. will fully employ its resources to accomplish the company’s mission and vision, protecting community and corporate interests. As in the long run MED EKO SERVIS Ltd. is oriented toward ensuring the satisfaction and promoting the interests of all of its customers, the company is dedicated to operating with minimum profit margin, so it also engages in certain commercial activities.


Albanež d.o.o. is a utility company formed in 1999. In 2008 the seat was transferred from Banjole to a new corporate building in Pomer. In 2013 the company was divided into two units, with MED EKO SERVIS Ltd. staying in charge of utilities and Albanež d.o.o. specialising in the maintenance of the sanitary sewer and storm drain system. Core activities of MED EKO SERVIS Ltd. are utility and municipal services, waste collection, park and street maintenance and cemetery operations.

Organisational changes

On 15 November 2013 the management teams of MED EKO SERVIS Ltd. and ALBANEŽ Ltd. entered into a Business Separation Agreement (Separation and Merger) notarized under no. OV-7619/13 and filed with the Commercial Court in Rijeka, Permanent Office in Pazin, on 15 November, 2013.

The General Assembly of the company adopted the Agreement with its decision of 19 December 2013.